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Guidelines & Resources

Learn more about the Resident Portal and the components of the roadmap.

Washington Resident Portal Core Principles

The future Resident Portal solution will prioritize and encompass the following core principles. 

  • Accessible to all users regardless of technology or disability. 
  • Human-centered, designed and developed to meet the needs of the residents first and the government second. 
  • Equitable and inclusive, leaving no resident behind. 
  • Integrated with a large number of inconsistent back-end systems while providing a frictionless experience to the residents. 
  • Responsible in protecting residents’ personal information based on legal authority and only for legitimate purposes. 
  • Trustworthy, preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all collected and stored data. 
  • Responsive on all modern browsers, devices, and technologies. 
  • Available to all residents regardless of time of day or access point. 

Roadmap Components

Once awarded, the Contractor will deliver a resident portal roadmap that contains the components below.

WaTech has already begun work which will deliver inputs into the roadmap including:

  • A statewide resident survey
  • Resident interviews
  • A sample of user stories and visual journeys
  • User personas
  • Peer reviews of other government organizations with some form of online resident experience
  • Functional and non-functional requirements

The successful vendor will be provided known third-party integrations with systems, platforms, and data, including the CIAM platform, as part of the roadmap development process. The roadmap should specify which third-party systems are important for the portal to integrate with based on the proposed solution. All inputs and deliverables from the project to-date will be shared with the winner at the start of roadmap development. WaTech will also provide a state Solutions Architect to consult with the winner.

The completed roadmap will include the following:

Executive Summary 


Vision for the Resident Portal 

Persona based human-centered journey maps that describe the resident experience when engaging with the portal 

Portal Platform Features and Functions

  • Features 
  • Functions 
  • Usability standards 
  • Accessibility standards 
  • Registration and authentication 
  • Personalized experience 
  • Payment processing 
  • Other

Platform Technology / Architecture

  • Platform architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Integration with state and WaTech enterprise services
  • Identity requirements
  • Agency service integration  
  • Integration with state payment processor
  • Integration with agency backend system
  • Other platform technology and architecture considerations

Platform Data Strategy and Architecture

  • Data strategy
  • High-level data requirements
  • Data model
  • Data storage requirements
  • Data retention requirements
  • Data security considerations
  • Data privacy considerations
  • Other data considerations

Platform Privacy and Security Requirements and Architecture

  • Security and privacy principles
  • Privacy requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Security architecture
  • Data Security
  • Other

State and Local Government Resident Portal Scan

  • Market scan
  • Portal platform options including platforms in other states
  • Alignment to Enterprise Architectural principles
  • Pros/cons of the platform options
  • Customer base focused on government or large private organizations
  • Alignment to state of Washington domain requirements
  • Cost projection for the one-time project cost and forecasted M&O over a 5-year period
  • Recommended platform

Project Team Structure

  • Org chart
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Skill set requirements
  • WaTech staff engagement

Integration of agency services

  • Describe the process to integrate agency services into the recommended portal
  • Before and after architecture of a sample agency service
  • Integration requirements will be documented in non-functional and functional requirements, but WaTech does not have strict architectural documentation or requirements – this is part of the scope of the roadmap vendor