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Amy Pearson
Chief of Staff to the WaTech Director & State CIO, Washington Technology Solutions

Amy Pearson is the Chief of Staff to the WaTech Director and State Chief Information Officer. In this role she provides executive level strategic and operational support to the agency director and executive team. The role of Chief of Staff is a new role at WaTech and requires a blend of leadership, coordination, and strategic thinking to drive organizational success. Amy is also lead for Strategic Advisory Services, a new service at WaTech, that is responsible for collaborating and providing expert consulting with all of the complex, highly visible programs and projects in the state, working across WaTech to bring the necessary resources to assist projects in areas where they are struggling, and to move them to project success.

Amy has 20+  years of experience working for the State across a number of diverse agencies focused on delivering project management, project oversight, and social services. Amy also served as a quality assurance analyst providing expert level quality assurance and independent verification and validation services to large, complex government projects.